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Saturday, November 17 2018


8. Shu-Ser The Unity of one's daily life to the cycle of universal energy rays.

Despite thousands of years apart Taoist’s perceptions of the universe are similar than modern physicist's discoveries; physic studies the minimal particle of energy called quantum they found that substance really doesn’t exist only energy does; in fact scientists are now  borrowing words from eastern vocabulary to explain the inconsistent and mysterious behavior of the universe

Hindu tradition referred and with good reason the world as Maya, an illusion and one of the biggest mysteries are the behavior of energy and the existence of energy fields. Gary Schwartz says fields are completely invisible structures that are non material—meaning that they do not have mass.

In Hindu tradition the ether element is called Akasha which is the background where the whole cosmos’s energy fields flow and is beyond time, space and comprehension, always escaping our scope of scrutiny, in this Akasha, neutrinos that are the minimal particle of energy are crossing us at the speed of light also micro,radio waves and gamma rays travel through it.

So really nothing is solid there is always space, in this paradox, a little stone in your hand can contain an enormous quantity of atomic energy and so a new whole universe can be created  and enough energy to destroy ours, the average human body has 50 trillion cells of tremendous energy potential, Qi Gong wants you to see yourself not just as flesh, muscle and brain but a tremendous power house realizing this you are not a beggar of energy but a king.

Pragmatic minds will find difficult to understand and believe that the movement of the stars could affect the behavior of plants and animals, Chinese tradition says that Chi comes from heaven and all other phenomena comes from the transformation of chi into the five elements. Scientist are always baffled when repeating the same experiment over and over they don’t get the same exact results, the conditions are identical but something has changed not in the laboratory but in the cosmos arrangement. 

Gary E. Schwartz in an excerpt of one of his lectures explained the energy rays and says this. 
“A large body of evidence exists suggesting that human intention. Both individual and collective can have local and distal effects on living systems. Numerous spiritual energy healing traditions posit that some sort of Universal Energy is invited to enter the consciousness and body of the healer; the healer is taught to use his or her intentions to direct this energy for "the best and highest good" of the patient or client. It is typically assumed that this energy or "higher power" is of a "high frequency;" however, to the best of our knowledge, no laboratory research has been conducted to address this assumption. Using a computer controlled low light CCD camera system cooled to -77 degrees centigrade, our laboratory has documented that it is possible to detect super-low intensity biophoton emissions from plants and humans, including "auras" surrounding and interconnecting living”. 

“The CCD chip detects sporadic bursts of high energy, high frequency cosmic / gamma rays; these gamma bursts are typically treated as "noise." and removed prior to statistical analysis. However, we theorized that patterns of cosmic ray activity, analyzed using fast Fourier transform (FFT) might reflect the presence of high frequency energies purportedly generated during spiritual energy healing practices”.

This eight method of healing has to do with the perception in our daily lives of the universal energy rays; plants that we eat are just simply transforming the energy of the sun into vitamins and nutrients that we can absorb, we are not only ingesting the fruit but also the sun, the tree that form the fruit and the seed which is encapsulating the tree; so when we die the process is reversed and we are feeding back the tree.

The attunement of one's daily life to the cycle of universal energy rays, means to be aware while witnessing yourself, of the subtle changes in the energy waves that can affect your behavior, way of thinking or health conditions; forces coming to earth from distant galaxies, and in order to mindfully research is necessary to repeat something, that is always the same that allow you a point of observation and in this repetition you will detect that something has enhanced or withdraw from your regular practice. 

I use Tai chi chuan, meditation and Dao-In for this scrutiny and when I feel that my practice is going backwards I get excited because is a sign of something is moving forward that awareness and transformation come together and changes are the only constancy in life.

So people who perform rituals, either religious practices or any other type may be exercising a universal rays connection being conscious or not, of course this connection can be embellish with any kind of image, deity or God head; in essence they are open to the experience of receiving, and when transformation happens the result could be a mystical experience.

In essence with their rituals they are pointing the finger at the moon, but is not to be confused the finger with the moon specially if the finger looks religious and suck it up for comfort instead fallowing the direction it is pointing and some people who just had a superficial spiritual encounter of receiving cannot process it clearly and in their confusion will fight for the validity, exclusivity and superiority of the finger, ready to argue and convert others by fire or sword.

There are special dates and places where the gates of heaven open; in all ancient cultures there were days during the year that were important to observe as the equinox and solstice days; the winter solstice is for example one of the most unrest days of the year, the sun is at the most distant point from the earth in the Northern Hemisphere and happens on December 21 or 22 and June 20 to 21 in the Southern Hemisphere.

In ancient times especially in the Northern Hemisphere people feared that the sun would not come back, it was dead for three days and resurrecting on December 25th ; to survive during the wintertime people began to venerate the sun god in Japanese was called Amaterasu and it was really a goddess, Incas called it Inti, the goddess sun in Finland was Beiwe, Helious in Greece, etc; a week before and after the solstice any kind of overindulge was permitted using all that was perishable and can’t be storage like animals and crops, so fermented alcoholic beverages were abundant; those massive pagan parties were part of humanity till the eighteen  century. 

So we can reason that the sun is not dead but in you innermost primitive connection with nature that is not rational, we sense that is something wrong, our inner sun is affected by the separation from the sun and a inexplicable anxiety emerge that has nothing to do with Christmas; if you are aware of this it could best time for meditation when you understand your primitive side maybe you can perceive how the collective consciousness of thousands of years is influencing your life and you can emerge wisest from the experience. 

There are places where inexplicable things happens and with this story maybe trying to explain how the supernatural is more common that we think; when I was visiting Cusco in 1998; at that time I was living in the island of Bonaire, so I went on vacation to Peru and wanted to visit Machu Picchu, so I was staying in a narrow little town called Aguas Calientes.
I was walking around this tiny mountain town looking for the thermal baths, but in a second I was caught in a heavy rain so I had to find refuge in a small Chinese restaurant, it was around two o’clock in the afternoon and I was hungry but as I saw the waitress and the cook I've lost any hope for a good meal, they were Peruvians and no older that fifteen but to my surprise they were very skillful and till this day it was one of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.

 I was at that time the only customer waiting for the weather to clear up, suddenly  the door violently opened and a person dressing completely in black stormed into the place like a mischievous crow carrying the tempest inside the room, his aspect was intimidating and his manners reproachable he yielded and bossed the scared teenagers; he  looked through me as I was part of the decoration then he sat and ordered more food and beers that he could possibly ingest I could observe him playing with the food not really hungry and leaving many untouched bottles opened;  after fifteen minutes the mysterious man left, the sky was still pouring he put his poncho and hat back on and after insulting the trembling kids he slammed the door hoping outside leaving as he entered aggressively and worse without paying the bill.

Then I asked the kids what happened, was he a wanted criminal, still shaking they nod their heads, with a timid voice the boy answered he is a wizard, I tried to convince them how erroneous it was to be intimidated by superstition but they pleaded me to not say one more word and when I saw the girl in tears I didn’t say anything else, I tried to compensate them for the unpaid bill but they were even more afraid so I left thinking to myself how can some horrendous people go through life taking advantage of the innocent and ignorant. 

Next day I was climbing Machu Picchu which is one of the most impressive places on earth not only because of the magnificent ruins but the overwhelming beauty and energy of the mountains, I had there the most profound awareness of the universal energy rays and also inexplicable things happens there. 

After many hours of hiking the trails I was going downhill through a narrow pass when I saw a group of tourist coming towards me, the tourists's leader was not other than the sinister guy in the restaurant, when they pass me I noticed that the despicable man was speaking in German; the tourists voices were dying in the distance moving up hill away from me, I continued in my way down when I saw a condor I hurried for my camera and misstep I was going to fall down into a rocky creek hurting myself badly when I felt a hand grabbing me from my backpack and pulling me up, when I turned around I saw the wizard mustache and his piercing eyes, he just said to me in a resentful voice be careful with what you say; till today I cannot explain how he could get downhill so fast; his words were like a whip or a thunder awaking something in me, I turned my gaze to see the depth of the creek when I turned back to thank him he was not there, maybe the kids were correct, maybe both the kids and myself needed a lesson. 

Make a daily practice of receiving in silence meditation, built an imaginary vertical column with you in the center, in this line you are aware of the ascending twelve terrestrial branches which correspond to your twelve meridians; this vertical line go up at infinitum to heaven, remember energy flows through Akasa so you have to be in the present, the past and the future are perceived as being horizontal, horizontal means sleep, unaware or drunk, feel the emptiness, let the space be tangible find akasha in every part of your bones, muscles and organs as the corporeal sense of the physical disappears and you are just light, energy, vibrations and waves.

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