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Vegan and Sprituality

How many Shanti Shanti (peace) mantras we chant in a meditation class, how many times  we hear ahimsa (no harm no injure) in a yoga class, have those mantras been echoing in us in our daily life or are they doing it slowly like a drop in a stone.

It is not polite to impose one's opinion and try to force it into others people mind, who has the right to do that without being asked ; please I don't want to promote antagonism, and we do that supporting our particular right way of reality against somebody wrong evil thinking ; I don’t want to beat myself up with peoples hate ; I’m not the super prosecutor of the wrong but when I hear this mantra over and over,

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts,
words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness
and to that freedom for all.”

Sounds beautiful and meaningful but with awareness is not possible to repeat Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu’s  and believe animals are not beings. I know this is a kind of an aggressive approach because I feel that I’m pointing a finger at you, that I’m judgmental and I’m poking my nose in your personal business. 

In the business of spirituality that many people are joining the most important aspect is awareness, if you don’t walk the path but preach the way you are hypocritical, how can you show your way to other people if you have not resolve your own demons, I hear in many classes teachers airing their own insecurities with the intention to be real and humble, the students  are not there to hear your struggles in life nor to be entertain by you but to find in you some inside that help them to minimize their suffering whatever it is.

We can dope up ourselves believing that we have a big crusade in life; if we talk about peace the most important peace to obtain is our inner peace, after living so many years in this planet I know is illusory to promote peace in this world because it has never been one, in Mavantara (Brahman Cycles of the Universe) only in the first cycle(Sayta or Krita Yuga) that last 1’728,000 years was harmony in our planet. 

If your crusade is equality ,social justice and freedom you have to address the global power of the Rothschild’s family and the few other families that manipulate as they wish the financial, industry, political and war markets of the entire world, we want to be liberate other people meanwhile we are slaves, you hear what they wanted you to hear they control all the press in this world; trying to change systems, policies and goverment without assessing the elephant in the room is illusory. This is happening for hundreds of years under our own noses but we are not aware, awareness is like turning the light switch in a dark room is not longer darkness.

There are few things we can really personally change in this world and one of those is suffering, some people help other people but it is out of habit, education or a condition mind.
When you feel yoga in your life, this connection with the energy of this planet, you can’t harm living beings on a daily basics, you can’ thrive at expenses of other being suffering, every time you do this you are unplugging from Akasha, you might be meditating and practicing without realizing you have an anchor pulling you down of your own progress.

Sometimes is convenient to label us as animals and sometimes as involved human beings; in one hand the argument is that we are by nature carnivores animals and we need to survive and in other hand we are so much evolve and conscious than we are superiors among mammals so we can justify our survival disposing of any other inferior living being without any remorse. 

In what concept a dog is superior than a chicken? We are so blind than we can’t conceive that the barbarian Chinese people organize a dog feast every year; a child will never cause a harm to a dog, chicken, bunny or any other animal, ignoring suffering is part of our tribe education, we are numb to the millions of animal mass murder for our enjoyment, this ignorance allow us not to feel responsible or guilty.

We are all guilty for association of the death of 56 million animals every year without including fish but 21 percent of this world thrives without animal consumption; the environment will improve tremendously if cows would not be raise for meat, our rivers and soil will clean if we don't raise animals as an industry; impossible? you can not resolve world peace, or help starving kids in Africa but you can minimize your partnership with  industries based of slavery and exploitation of our friends, meditate upon what you are doing and what you can do. 
My advice as many years of being vegan is to give it a try; to start do it few days a week; the percentage of people that try veganism and quit is high and if you try do it right inform yourself and do it correctly, you will vibrate differently, you will remove entrapment and will connect with your inner being in a more profound way, in my opinion if you want to be more connected with your spirit cleanse yourself first. 

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