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Torus is the primordial fabric of this universe, is the pattern of nature, it is the shape of the field of the cosmos. Torus is the code underlying all phenomena as the atom, solar system, and humans, we are fitting in the pattern of the universe. The pattern is the same regardless of what size of the object, mathematicians call this pattern Torus V=2π2Rr2. The energy in the Torus flow in through one end circulates around the center and exit out the other side is a bounce, set regulated and always whole.

This spiral is in the magnetic field, in the apple, and in the galaxies, the universe is a growing Torus factory, is in the galactic level, the atmosphere of our planet, the weather and the dynamic of the surface of the sun.

We are traveling in this vast sea of Torus, is like the breath of the universe, is the form that the energy takes in any form of existence. The structure of the Torus is the Vortex of Equilibrium, the skeleton of the Torus. It is a perfect balance force field with twelve equal energy lines radiating, they stabilized the center like twelve spokes of the wheel.

The fundamental of Torus is called the energy without combustion. In Egypt and China and many other ancient cultures we can see manifestation of Torus, in the Forbidden City the Foo dogs the guardians of the knowledge have under their pawn shows the 64 energy units of the Torus, it is also present in the 64 hexagrams of The I-Ching, in Ephesus Turkey, in the Golden Temple the Sikhs in Punjab India and in the Human DNA, so we should know about it and we should also be aligned with the Torus.

This is taken from the documentary Thrive A



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