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9. Bigu, the practice of fasting on specific days in order to gather life energy emanating from the harmonized positions of certain stars.
Bigu or Pi-Ku literally means avoiding grains; this has been diversely interpreted to mean not eating particular foodstuffs (food grain, cereal, the Five Grains, or staple food), or not eating any food (breatharianism); grain avoidance resonates in present-day trends such as low-carbohydrate diets, gluten-free diets, cyclic ketogenic diets, paleo diets etc. Realistically the whole world is addictive to grain and sugar most people will never give up bread, pasta or desserts; this craving is as old as civilization.
It is important to notice that Wugu or the cultivation of grains is considered one of the greatest achievements in the development of civilization, allowing the beginning of the agrarian society leaving the hunter-gatherer and nomadic pattern of life, the cultivation of these grains permitted the settlement of cities all around the world; so what is wrong in consuming grain, isn’t it bread the most satisfying and rewarding food and part of the diet of millions of people. 
Let me introduce at this point the term Three corpses Spirits and Nine worms, they are undercover agents inside our bodies who specialize in sabotaging a seeker's efforts, making it difficult for him to go towards spiritual realization they need grain to survive.

 1. The Upper Corpse Spirit, called Peng Ju, abides in the upper third of the human body, lives in the head, symptoms of its attack include a feeling of heaviness in the head, blurred vision, deafness, and excessive flow of tears and mucus. The Upper Corpse Spirit has a specific location. It lodges in the bone which slightly protrudes from the back of the cranium, the Occipital Protuberance, and it is called the Yu Jen guan. This spirit lodges at that gate, guarding it and monitoring a person's brain waves. This is the first of the three big "gates" that a cultivator has to break through in order to have any success in his cultivation.  Greed abides in the Upper corpse.

2.The Middle Corpse Spirit lodges in the middle of the spinal column, the Jai Ji Guan. That's the second gate it dwells in the heart and stomach, it attacks the heart and makes it host sensual pleasures. Anger abides in the Middle Corpse.

3. The Lower Corpse Spirit lodges at the Wei Lu Guan, the coccyx, at the very tip of the spinal column. The Lower Corpse Spirit, called Peng Xiao, lives in the lower region of the body. Stupidity abides in the Lower Warmer resides in the stomach and legs. It causes the lower Dantian to leak, and make host lust after women.

The Three Gates are large openings, and there are nine crevices which are smaller cracks, like little holes. It is not at all easy to get through them, for the nine worms are constantly creating mischief and making it difficult for the cultivator to come to any success. 

The warms are
1. Crouching Worm, so-named because it crouches, curls up like a ball and appears to be dormant. It sleeps by the occipital protuberance, based on your skull, the Yu Jen Chiao, saps people's strength by feeding off their essence and blood
2. Dragon Worm is shaped like a little dragon. It hides in the back of the neck, the ligament that joins the head with the shoulder blades at the Tian Chu Chiao. 

3. White Worm abides in the Taodao Chiao, which is a section of the digestive tract where the solids separate from the liquids. This variety of worm is just the fatty tissues and lymph nodes in our body which are whitish in color. 

4. Flesh Worm looks like a blob of flesh. It lives in the Shen Dao Chiao, the pathway to the heart and monitors our spirit. This is the worm which is responsible for heart trouble.

5. Red Worm is scarlet colored. It dwells in the chia Ji Chiao, the spinal column.

6. Splitting Worm lives in the Xuan Shu Chiao, the gateway to the mystery. It also rules over a part of the digestive system. 

7. Lung Worm lives in the Ming Meng Chiao, the life gate crevice behind the belly bottom in the spine, and rules over the lungs.

8. Stomach Worm lives in the lung Hu Chiao, the dragon and tiger crevice, which is the seat of the reproductive organs.

9. Intestinal Worm lives in the Wei Lu Chiao at the tip of the spinal column and presides over the large intestines.

The Kua is the abdominal region containing all the internal organs, the diaphragm, the hips, and your immune system; according to with Michael Gershon in his book The Second Brain- The Brain in the Guts; we have more neurons in our guts than in our brains there is more information going up than down.

The information between the two brains happens by the Enteric nervous system which is embedded in the lining of the gastrointestinal system, beginning in the esophagus and extending down to the anus. Ninety percent of your cells and 99 percent of the genetic material are in your guts.

Research has shown that the body is actually composed of more bacteria than cells.  We are more bug than human! Collectively, these trillions of bacteria are called the microbiome.  Most of those bacteria reside in our gut,  sometimes referred to as the gut microbiota, and they play multiple roles in our overall health. The gut is no longer seen as an entity with the sole purpose of helping with all aspects of digestion.  It ’s also being considered as a key player in regulating inflammation and immunity.

We also can view The Enteric nervous system as a battlefield; in every phenomenon the eternal game of yin and Yang has to be contemplated, so as Dr. Steven Gundry says  there are good and bad  Bugs in our guts, we can translate the bad guys like the Three Corpses and the Nine worms; there are 10,000 different spices of bacteria a one million viruses in our guts.

This civil war in our intestines started more or less with the cultivation of grains, the bad bugs find the way to highjack the information through the hormones and the Vagus nerve to send the second brain the request for their favorite food which is not the one who is going to make you thrive; what we chose to eat is determined by the bad bugs and they are addicted to certain pernicious food like grains and sugars. 

In this civil war, the bad bugs are winning because they are very efficient in getting their way but they are not interested in preserving the body they are not a concern in maintaining but destroying, so the enemy is inside, so Dr. Gundry proposes is to feed the good bugs with what they need to thrive and eventually the bad bugs would be starved and be replaced.

Yang can't live without yin even if the good guys win we still have the bad bugs inside in the dormant state and at the end they will win because nothing is permanent, with the master of the house gone, those bad bugs will grow and finally will eat the dead host, that might sound dramatic or creepy, but if we want to live healthily and thrive we need to understand that we are addicted to food and is awareness is the most powerful than food

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