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Dao- In

Dao-In is the result of five thousands of years of experimentation in nature’s principles, human beings in interaction with their environment and the cosmology of the universe.

The results are a coherent method to prolong life; the temples and monasteries in the sacred Taoist’s Mountains in China where the laboratories of the old days where plants, animals, and minerals were researched to find their essence or Te.

Te means that every living thing has a virtue giving by nature, the abilities and intelligence to survive, be at their maximum potential and reproduce. 

The constitution of every living organism has similar components, nature expressing itself in millions of organic manifestations than have some kind of hidden synchronicity constructive or destructive. 

Dao-In is the origin of all physical disciplines, the beginning of martial arts and internal exercises; in the search of Te, Taoists found out the center of their beings is called Shien that is of the same stuff that the Universe is made.

This type of Yoga focus to maximize the functions of the organs, the movement of chi from the meridians ant the connection with the essence of the universe called Tao.

The Yin aspect is the way to approach these sequences; not the outward manifestation of the form but the intrinsic harmony in the functions, meridians and the emotions related with the organs; this connection fills the external shape of the pose.
General rules

Practice these exercises in bed when you wake up; before you open your eyes be aware of the feeling of the day you don’t identify with your thoughts but what you feel this sensation and if it's negative it will turn into a thought or negative emotion, being conscious of the basic energy of your day you can turn your mental outlook into more optimistic.

Your spine decompresses during the night so you are taller when you wake up than when you go to bed, so use the Yin approach, be gentle.

Breathe naturally remember you are working in your organs and forced respiration can cause stress and more harm than benefits.

The tongue is curled gently up at the root of your mouth, create space in your oral cavity, relax your facial muscles.

Hold the poses for few relaxing breaths, and repeat as many times as it feels comfortable.

  1. - Immortal Awakening from Napping      




Began to sense the breath in your abdomen, placing your right hand just below the navel and your left hand on top of the right do the opposite if you are a male; then flex both ankles, raise your head looking at the feet while you are pressing your hands to the side of your legs. Points to check, first the feet are hip distance apart and when you flex the ankles the second toe is in alignment with the knee; second the energy should circulate through the Governor channel (spine) and Conception channel (front of your body); third your tongue should be gently touching the upper teeth to relax the organs, fourth engagement is necessary but control the intensity, remember your spine decompress during the night; fifth breathing is natural and never hold the breath. Repeat three times.


2. - Immortal straightening the leg


Hold the knee in to your chest in a passive way while the other leg is active trying to straighten the leg as you want to put the long leg bone, the femur into the socket; then raise your head to look at the foot on the floor, always be aware of the spine and the gentle breathing, you are also working in the Governor and Conception Channels; focus in the sole of the foot of your extending leg between the second and third metatarsal that is your Kidney Meridian point one the emotion to push out is Fear . Repeat three times and change leg,


3. – Praying with the elbows.  


This position is to improve the function of the Psoas muscles; the pressure should be equal in the left and right side and all muscles need to be engaged, look at your chest, bring your energy like a magnet to the center of the spine. Practice this for 3 times.

4. - Stretching the Psoas.


Grab your ankles or any part of the inside of your legs; try to bring the sacrum bone into the floor extending the tail bone And lower abdominal muscles, for safety maintain your belly bottom in to avoid excessive arch in your lumbar region. This is the only exercise you can do it before you go to bed, all the exercises should be done in the morning.

5. - Immortal imitating butterfly opening its wings.




Maintain your knees on top of your hips using the hands to keep 90-degree angle isometrically contract your lower abs pushing your knees against your hands; then straddle your legs without momentum all this while you keeping your belly button pressing towards the spine. Repeat 3 times.

6. – Immortal rocking the Milky Way.


First rock front and back without lifting the sacrum from the floor; then rock all the way to the left lifting shoulders off the floor and to the right; then lifting the legs and arms circle the shoulders and hips.

7. - Immortal pulling Bow String.



Massage your sacrum keeping the tail bone in the direction of your heels; then lift the legs and arms to circle the shoulders and hips. This exercise should be performed on the floor.

Exercise Fitness Videos
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