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Absent of the ordinary thoughts wandering without destination the Wudang mountains began to whispers to my senses the inseparable story of man and nature nothing has disturbed the peace of this sacred place, nobody had ever tried to conquer these mountains, warriors never run the innumerable steps thirsty for blood; only mystics peregrines have stop for centuries at the hundreds of temples as if they were charging stations of awareness.

 Wudang's tea tastes better looking at the Milky Way and the everlasting part of me embrace the stars as reuniting with an old friend, the time is just the present and it is the only possible way to catch up with your inner being, the silence of the night make all things mysteriously divine and you can easily steal the cricket’s story as it were yours, all precondition mind is wash out while the gentle wind moves the scarlet ribbons that devotees hang from the trees, expecting from the gesture to mitigate the misery of the burden of their human condition, looking for love, fame and all the other things that the ego craves, but in this silent night there is no craving no disappointments or regrets because nothing happens at the bottom of you is always at the surface, in Wudang you reach the bottom and if I would stay a little longer I might have had a glimpse of  Xuan Wu .

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