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A few months ago an Image shared on Twitter by a Stanford University School of Medicine research; has animated many people's spirit observing the outstanding visualization of a single human cell component, an image beautiful but foreign, looking more like a contemporary art expression coming from a trendy gallery, than from within any living being. it was called the ‘Cellular Landscape Cross-Section Through A Eukaryotic Cell’.
It is a picture of our inner harmonious beauty, reduced to the minimal expression of one of the 30 trillion self-contained cells in our bodies.
Gael McGill, Director of Molecular Visualization Dept of Biological Chemestry & Molecular Pharmacology Harvard Medical Scool and CEO Digizyme, synthesized for us with his incredible x-ray, NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), and cry-electron microscopy image, the complex function of the repleted cell. 
The picture is an artistic expression that provokes a deep connection with the source of our essence, as any other ancient unsigned masterpieces. The beautiful image has the most vivid colors, projecting in our imagination what might be the pass of ten billion proteins flying through the cells every second with the inconceivable array of breathing movements of the billions of molecules  inside each cell.
In the past mystics would have loved to have such an accurate vision to recreate in their ephemerals sand Mandalas, that are creations that represent metaphysically or symbolically a time microcosm of the universe or a model for the organizational structure of life itself, a cosmic diagram that shows the relation to the infinite and the world that extends beyond and within various minds and bodies
Deep inside we are extremely wealthy with trillions of efficient components, inspiring us to maintain our treasure armored and conscious that we are synchronized with the universe's wisdom.

Cellular Lanscape Digizyme

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