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                                                                                    Qi Gong

In China, from dynasty to dynasty Taoists magical power was the salt and pepper in every child’s tale. In any culture or religion miracles have been the irrefutable manifestation which proves some kind of divine connection or an infinite source of energy. 
Stories coming from the first to third century AD described some of these practices with some puzzling allegories, with a language full of twist and turns that made it impossible to understand for a not initiated.
When Qi Gong was introduced to the curious masses by Chairman Mao, it was immediately accepted, in the materialistic world of communism the purpose was not to feed people with a different type of spirituality but for practical reasons, their effectiveness to make people work harder and improve their health.
Qi Gong works in a magical way, it is not medicine, when you are healthy no medicine is necessary, medicine doesn’t give you health, it will destroy illness, being healthy is a natural estate, medicine bring you to homeostasis, Qi gong makes you vital and healthy.
The foundation in Chinese medicine is the conductivity of energy, the human body is made of complex electromagnetic fields, who respond like the rivers in the earth to a natural flow, any obstruction in this flow will diminish it or create an overflow, stagnancy, and decay.
The reason for sickness is the interruption or excessive flow of energy called Chi; many reasons contribute to this imbalance, stress, the lack of movements, emotional distress, improper habits, and the environment.
Stress is caused by speed or noise, so Qi Gong is based in movements with a slow rhythmic motion, usually in quiet places, Chinese people believe we have three brains, and in Qi Gong we are in the brain located in the abdomen (Dan Tien), we are in stress when we are mentally involved disconnecting from body, some people visualized a sphere in the abdomen which rotates first allowing the extremities to move from the core in a more harmonious way.
The emotional stress is in the other brain in the heart area, the organs storage negative and positives emotions one counteract each other; the heart is smart to balance the emotions of the stomach, anxiety, and patience, from the lungs sadness and joy, from the kidneys fear and courage, from the liver anger and compassion.
For the mind to nourish it has to have a pleasant environment with nature at full splendor, Qi Gong is recommended to be practiced early in the morning in the parks.
When the practice persists our habits and cycles automatically regulate, we sleep better, chose a cheerful company and make better food choices.
Qi Gong is ancient and new, some people affirm that a new exercise of Qi Gong is being created at this moment and there are 3000 magazines in China if you spend two lifetimes trying to learn all the exercises available you won’t have enough time.
Qi Gong is a new term, in the past, Qi Gong was called Nei Kung or Dao In and it was not accessible to the vast population, only wealthy people or monks could access the exercises.
Stories from dynasty to dynasty related the mystical power of the initiated to this art.

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