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10. Sau Yi, the science of embracing integral transcendental oneness in order to accomplish conception of the 'mystical pearl.
 The mystical pearl is also called the mystical pregnancy, the practitioner is a womb it is conceiving as a mother it is receptive, the universe is trying to impregnate you, in reality it has always been pushing into you, the meaning of guru is one who is heavy of the truth, one who is pregnant, he is so full that can give some of his own truth he knows how to conceive but we are not receptive we are not open we are not a womb.
As in the mother the conception is in the belly; my first lesson many years ago was very simple, focus below the navel that is your miniature sun it is the egg that is waiting to be impregnating, first you need to be open, in the mood, you need to be a seeker prepare for the conception, then after you have a mystical experience patiently wait, give the conditions to nurture the mystical pearl; although is forming inside you is of an everlasting nature and when you die the pearl has a more evolve energy has a Buddha nature has a life of itself is already complete it doesn’t need to get back is not a seeker anymore.
The synchronization of our energies with Planet Earth is the first step to create the mystical pearl, in essence, if our planet is alive and produces life is because at its core there is a volcanic activity a colossal laboratory where fire, water, and the minerals produce life; we first locate the sun, the Dan-Tien and water comes from the kidneys and organs; in this internal alchemy we give birth no a new entity of different constitution that is not physical.
I have to admit this idea at that time was for me very gay but all the teachings are based in acknowledging the yin aspect of life, the flowing aspect of the Tao to balance the impetuous force of Yang; Yin is hidden is underneath, obscure, subconscious, invisible like a root, so the feminine aspect is not in any way sexual but seeing Yin as a quality of vibration.
The process of cultivation is the process of transcendence of the conditioned mind; your indoctrination to this world brings many positives things but confront your thinking with your surroundings, how people act, your religion and your culture, and those are the obstacles to transcend and embrace the oneness, when this patters or believes are not examined carefully they are like horse’s visors, so the principal aspect is your vision.
There are two visions or directions in this world the most common one is inculcated in any distinguish school around the world, in every sane family, in any successful society and it is to produce more, have more of whatever unit you think you need to make you happy, more is better, doesn’t matter what it is, academic achievement, com decoration, recognition in arts and prestige and more importantly financial power because that is the ultimate recognition, accumulate more of whatever it is, yoga, meditation or sanctity doesn’t matter more is better; so there is always a feeling that you are not totally successful because we live for other people opinions; for this vision you always have to be discontent because if you are content you are not progressive you will vegetate and become a bump. So people are pushing their kids, kids are pushing themselves, competition arises everywhere and with only this vision of the world, life is a constant struggle.
The other vision of the world is not common it’s the vision of the being, the inner self that doesn’t need to enhance or improve it is by itself complete and the pursuit of this vision is basically eastern, your being is cover with dust the mirror cannot reflect  much and the meaning of life for this vision is not to lose the opportunity to get to the center where life is not illusionary is to see things as they are and embrace the integral truth, melting like the drop of the ocean that is aware of its nature and consciously returns to the ocean and melts and disappear. 
For this vision everything that happens in your life from big victories to devastating dramas happens always at the surface never hit the bottom your being is not affected, we live at the surface the real meaning of this vision is to identify what is permanent in you what is everlasting and live your life from your center. 
Your mystical pearl doesn’t need to be conceived is a metaphor for a realization of your potential is redirecting all your attention towards the possibility to embrace the integral one with total consciousness, you will reintegrate with the oneness either way when you die, but the last vision death is a loss for the first is a gain, if you follow the first vision you are delusional you are missing life, if you follow the second one you are content, the magic inculcated in your childhood is still alive, you can see the whole picture. 
Here let me introduce the principle of Buddhism Hinayana and Mahayana in Zen is called Tariki or Jiriki  the meaning of these words are  the big and small boat we use to get to awakening; in the small boat there is only space for one person and for this vision is extremely difficult to transcendence because you basically cannot do it by yourself, you need to work hard and perhaps in many reincarnations you can become a Buddha, Mahayana is the big boat anybody can get in the boat is you realize your Buddha nature that everybody has at birth, is already inside you just need to meditate, in this sense the method should be the right one, so trying to find the right method that work is very important.
In Chinese tradition Heaven is down and Earth is up, if heaven is up is unattainable is not you is not in your nature you expecting something from above, you aiming something that is not at your reach, we are the microcosm of the macrocosm heaven is inside you the universe behaves the same inside you, the arrangement of your cells is following the same patterns of the celestial beings we are doing the same regardless of what direction you point or what object you choose.
Dogen the famous Zen Master who was born in 1200 was puzzled from early age with the idea of everybody having the Buddha essence inside, he couldn’t understand if the potential of becoming a Buddha is inherent in us why is so difficult, if the nature’s plant is to flower, the bird is meant to fly why are we not blossoming? he arrived at the conclusion that to study the way is to study the self, but there is not really a way only the self, so there is no- other direction but inside, and to know the self is to drop the self, so move to the center and wait patiently like a pregnant woman.
Dogen said We are little sounds in the great silence, between the Universe and we are not much different than a sound and a silence. Only in silence and void, the pearl can be formed.

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